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Providing high quality and effective healing and bodywork.



Sol et Luna

mentoring effective massage therapists

Our bodies are truly amazing, if we take care of them we can live a long and relatively pain free life. The reality is that most people live busy stress filled lives. It's often difficult to find time to exercise, stretch, eat healthy, etc.. Many careers, activities, and hobbies require repeated actions or create a sedentary environment. Both can cause problems with the muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems in our bodies. Throw some stress on top of that and the body is bound to have issues. Massage can do much more than help the body to relax. Massage can counteract much of the damage we do to it through neglect or miss use.


Your body heals best when in a state of relaxation and so much of our work is done with that principle in mind. Most sessions, regardless of modality being applied, are performed with an attempt to keep clients in a state of relaxation. In my opinion "no pain no gain" is rarely necessary. Of course "therapeutic pain", that "hurts good" feeling, is common when dealing with problematic areas. We treat each session on an individual basis, meaning no two session are ever the same. Because each person responds differently to each modality and to the amount of pressure applied, we tailor the session to each individual and to their current state of being.


To help facilitate the continuous relaxation state, techniques are not rushed. Sessions are scheduled at least 30min apart allowing for a few minutes over your session time if needed.


Paul Freedom performing myofascial release on neck for anterior scalene muscle

​Signature Massage

A blend of modalities

Moriah Aestad, CA

“Paul is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever come across. It is honestly hard to find words to suffice. Not only is he highly intuitive in his approach to what your muscles need, but after leaving a massage with him- your entire being will be transformed! He has the ability to tap into energy that deeply heals and nourishes you. There have been many times where I’ve gone in to see him, thinking that I knew the root of my problem, only to come out of my experience with a completely different, and valid understanding of why and how it is so. The knowledge and expertise he so calmly delivers is truly transformative, and after being a massage client of so many therapists over the past 15 years, I can confidently say that Paul is the best. He is a healer with the intelligence of no one I have ever come across in somatic work. If you are looking for the perfect combination of relaxation and result- book a massage with Paul. He is the most connected, knowledgeable professional out of so many others. I trust him whole-heartedly and have never felt better leaving a massage, than I have with him."
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