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About Paul Freedom

Paul has been doing massage on an intuitive level from the time he was 10. It has always come naturally to him. When he began formal training, he knew this was what he wanted to focus his life around. He has extensive knowledge of physiology and corrective techniques. His massages typically incorporate relaxing techniques along with various therapeutic modalities to allow for maximum healing. He is best known for deeper therapeutic and restorative body work, but has refined skills in relaxation and stress reduction as well.

Paul Freedom

My Approach

Our bodies possess incredible capabilities, capable of granting us a long and relatively pain-free life if we provide them with proper care. However, the reality is that many individuals lead hectic lives filled with stress, making it challenging to find time for exercise, stretching, healthy eating, and more. Numerous careers, activities, and hobbies involve repetitive actions or create sedentary lifestyles, both of which can lead to issues within our muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems. When combined with the added burden of stress, our bodies are likely to experience problems. Fortunately, massage offers benefits beyond mere relaxation. It can effectively counteract the damage caused by neglect or misuse.

The optimal state for your body to heal is relaxation, which is why we prioritize this principle in our work. Regardless of the specific technique being used, most of our sessions aim to keep clients in a relaxed state. In my view, the notion of "no pain, no gain" is rarely necessary. While it is common to experience a "good hurt" sensation, known as "therapeutic pain," when addressing problematic areas, we approach each session based on the individual's unique needs. Everyone responds differently to various techniques and levels of pressure, so we customize the session to accommodate their specific requirements and current condition.

To foster a continuous state of relaxation, we never rush our techniques. Sessions are scheduled at least 30 minutes apart, allowing for a few additional minutes beyond the allotted time if necessary.

Paul Freedom Energy Balancing Client

About Amanda Schwartz

Amanda has always had an interest in the human body, particularly in biomechanics. With an upbringing revolving around athletics, she learned the importance of recovery and taking care of one's body. She is building towards specializing in deep corrective work. Amanda graduated on the Dean's list from the University of Southern California with a major in Health and Human Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She has received her Massage License and is currently working towards her Massage Therapist Certification from the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. She has been mentoring under Paul Freedom since June of 2022 and is steadily building her clientele.

Amanda Schwartz

My Approach

Amanda has been adopting Paul Freedoms "Muscle Tracing" technique and incorporating modalities learned at Santa Barbara Massage Therapy Institute. She has been developing her techniques and is quickly building a reputation for being an effective bodyworker.

Amanda Schwartz releasing spinal erector muscles
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