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Mentorship Program

Sol et Luna’s mentorship program's mission is to bring effective quality bodywork and healing to everyone by passing the skills and knowledge of experienced massage therapists and bodyworkers on to the next generation of healers. The program teaches structural anatomy, corrective soft tissue techniques, and energy balancing. We encourage our mentees to develop their style while honing these skills.

Each potential new mentee is interviewed to discern what their motivation in the healing arts is. We are looking for specific candidates who are passionate about helping others and ready to learn more than the basic skills required for massage therapy. Of course, motivation is not the only determining factor, a potential mentee must demonstrate they have talent and the ability to learn. Only candidates that have the right combination of motivation and skill will be accepted as a mentee.

If you would like to apply please text us at (805) 293-4234


Mentees are required to have completed the requirements to be a massage practitioner, the basic level of massage education. They must also be enrolled in or have completed the additional training requirements to receive their massage therapist certification.

Much of the skills acquired to become skilled massage therapists come from years of experience and advanced training. That learning curve is reduced dramatically with mentorship training. It’s not just about teaching new effective techniques but also refining the skills and training they have already learned with an artful flow that helps relax and balance the body to allow for a more effective session. mentees receive hands-on guidance to better understand the more subtle aspects of bodywork and healing. Each creates their unique style when blending all the elements of their training into what we consider the “Art of Massage”. 

Foot Reflexology
Physical Therapist

Client Benefits

What does this mean to you, the client? You have the unique opportunity to help mold these developing massage therapists. Scheduling sessions with them and having the chance to give feedback not only gives our mentees valuable hands-on experience and the growth that comes with it but also gives you the client the chance to guide them on what your individual body needs. This can be the most valuable training for all.

The mentorship is intended to be one year during which time their sessions will be only $60, once they have completed their mentorship, They the fee for their service will be determined by them with guidance based on their ability.

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