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Heather- Acrobat/Gymnast/Aerialist
I first started going to Sol et Luna when I was having chronic wrist pain. It lasted me for about six months due to an extended time of hand balancing and also doing aerial calisthenics and being a musician. So a lot of wear and tear and just pressure on my wrists and they were so painful I could not even do dishes or carry groceries. After my first session, I had no pain, literally six months of fighting this pain and I was able to get it healed by Paul my first time. So I've been going to Sol et Luna for about eight months now and will continue to go as they do such an excellent job every time.

Carol - Interior Designer
In my case, I visited Paul after visiting several doctors and orthopedists and doing all of their recommended exercises and treatment options. When I visited Paul for some relief because I had been strongly referred to him by a good friend, I found that he zeroed right in on the area, causing all of the problem, which was not even close to where the doctors had been focusing. And through several different treatments, he was able to alleviate or release the knot or whatever it was that was caused in there because he is magical, highly recommend it.


Jeff - Musician/Writer
I've had so many sessions with Paul, how I feel after my sessions can vary, it really depends on what we're working on. So sometimes we go really, really deep and the general thing that I notice when I come out of the sessions, because I've been sitting a lot in my history is that I'm just instantly up taller, my shoulders are more even my body tends to straighten out. I'm tending to unwind patterns that I have and there have been unexpected benefits and I don't don't know where they come from or what, but a lot of energetic movement as well. So often my experience while I'm working with Paul is, I'm also working on something within myself and I am I know it took me a little while, a few months to realize that my job is to find out where I'm tightening and loosen it while Paul is working on something with me, and that has been a revelation.

Azita - Homemaker and much more
So I think if I was going to talk to a friend about Sol et luna, I think the main thing I would say is that this isn't normal massage. It's a really targeted approach that changes every session. So there's not even a set way that the practitioner is approaching the person. It's really dependent on what they're feeling in that person's body and what is calling to them to work on. And just knowing that it's almost like a specialized workout session except it's bodywork. I don't even know if massage is really appropriate word. I feel like bodywork is more appropriate because Paul is literally working out my body, he's working out areas that are stagnant and he uses the word tonic which is a great word  just to indicate that there's not a lot of motion and there's a lot of stagnant areas and he is working out those areas so that blood flow and oxygen can be circulated. And so I think the main reason I recommend this specific organization, Sol et Luna is because I think that people would get a lot of really good results from regularly seeing the practitioners in in this place and honestly just feel better and be able to operate better.

Angela - Acrobat/Aerialist/Contortion Artist
So the reason for my visit to Paul was because I was given a detrimental notice from my chiropractor whom I stopped seeing actually once I started to see Paul because of the drastic difference of massage in comparison to chiropractic work is just night and day difference. I no longer needed anything and paul's massage is what kept me going and kept me training. I'm an aerialist and acrobat, so I definitely need to use my shoulders. I had a really bad shoulder injury and I got referred to paul by my coach after given a four week notice of saying, hey, you can't do anything for the next four weeks and Autumn said, I know guy. So I ended up going to Paul through my coach, super grateful. I wouldn't have been able to do anything that I've been doing if it weren't for Paul. So beyond blessed to have been referred. And I know I'm sure a lot of other people are as well, Paul is just a blessing to us all. Thank you Paul for all your hard work. We wouldn't be able to do it without you

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